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Today is another mountain biking day, and while I was out on the trail, I was thinking a lot about the loss of self-awareness that occurs during flow.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes how this loss of self consciousness is not a loss of self. Instead, it is the loss of the worry of self. During flow, you let go and become more aware of your surroundings. It is as if the activity and yourself merge into one, creating a kind of super-consciousness.

Athletes describe this feeling when they say they have become “one with the ball”. They merge with the ball and their surroundings, and all the others worries fade.

I feel this way with my bike when I am out on the trail. It feels like I am one with my bike and my surroundings when I am in this state of flow. I am connected and feel alive in these moments. The challenge for me is to bring this feeling into the office.

My question to you is: How can you create hyper-awareness in your life, so that you and your activity merge into one?

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