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I know I have been a little off on the videos on here, but it is the holidays, and things have been really busy. However, it feels good to get back into the swing of things!

I did a coach overview this morning, and I got a really great insight that I would like to share. In a coaching session, there is a distinction between focusing on what is going on in the client’s life and what is going on in the coaching session. Coaches are often trying to figure out how to get to a deeper level with their clients, and understanding this distinction is the first step.

Being curious about what is happening in the present moment is vital for creating valuable insights and lasting change for your clients. The client in the recording this morning was talking about friendships and was being really vulnerable with his coach. After talking about this topic for a while, the coach asked about the types of action that the client would want to take. During our coach-client overview, both the coach and I realized that this was a missed opportunity to speak to that client’s vulnerability.

What was it like to be that vulnerable? What is the strength in vulnerability? Where else in your life do you see yourself being this vulnerable? What are you learning about the version of yourself who is that vulnerable?

These are the types of questions that would have brought the client to a deeper level. That is where you want to go with your client! The power of coaching comes from the magic of a coaching session where you examine a client’s life within the container of a single session. Then, the client is able to naturally take their insights and apply them to their life.

The power of coaching comes from the magic of a coaching session

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