A Month of Gratitude

When someone broke into our garage at 4am, my first thought was how grateful I was that they didn't come into the house.

The Pain is Worth It

Overcoming painful situations gives us more appreciation for the present moment and helps us grow.

Do whatever it takes to reach flow

When you surrender to the present moment, everything around you becomes more beautiful.

Expanding your awareness

Expanding your awareness means merging with your surroundings. How can you increase this feeling in your daily life?

Mountain Biking Day

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is my mountain biking day, and I had an amazing ride this morning. I was reminded of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the characteristics of flow that he talks about in [...]

What do you use as your outlet for stress

We all need an outlet for our stress. What's yours?

Let’s Ride

What happens when you ride feeling the love?You go fast.