Running in the Rain is Beautiful

Challenges do not always persist. It is about overcoming the initial struggle and finding the joy.

What character do you want to play?

Creating a character can help you overcome challenges throughout your day.

How do we experience flow in our daily lives?

Experiencing flow is like being in level two listening. Focus on the present moment, and you will experience the magic.

Do whatever it takes to reach flow

When you surrender to the present moment, everything around you becomes more beautiful.

Start with the easy things

Our minds work just like our bodies; we need to warm up before we go in for the sprint.

How does achievement affect flow?

Starting thinking about the role achievement plays in maintaining flow.

How does stamina influence flow?

My to-do list has helped me increase my daily flow, but where does stamina come into play?

Finding meaning

When we find meaning and live our lives for a greater purpose, flow naturally follows.

Expanding your awareness

Expanding your awareness means merging with your surroundings. How can you increase this feeling in your daily life?

Exercising Control

Exercising control allows us to learn more about our own skills and maintain flow.

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