Finding meaning

When we find meaning and live our lives for a greater purpose, flow naturally follows.

Expanding your awareness

Expanding your awareness means merging with your surroundings. How can you increase this feeling in your daily life?

Exercising Control

Exercising control allows us to learn more about our own skills and maintain flow.

Mountain Biking Day

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is my mountain biking day, and I had an amazing ride this morning. I was reminded of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the characteristics of flow that he talks about in [...]

Trying to stay in flow

Staying in flow can positively influence all parts of your life. Try it today!

Why is control so important?

The more we feel in control, the more we can manage our stress.

How can you make your life more predictable?

Predictability helps reduce everyday stress.

Relationships are important for managing stress

Social support is crucial for dealing with stress in your life.

What do you use as your outlet for stress

We all need an outlet for our stress. What's yours?

4 Top Clinically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress

Top 4 ways to deal with stress, as proven in a stress lab. (And what Zebras have mastered.)

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