Running in the Rain is Beautiful

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It is a rainy day here in Portland, Oregon (and by rainy, I mean rainy even for here)!

Because it is not mountain biking season, I use my time in the mornings to go for runs. This morning, I was able to go for a run with my wife, and it was glorious. I started thinking about the idea of running in the rain, which at first I really wanted no part of. There is a myth, which I think also exists in business and other areas of our lives, that the process is going to be painful and difficult forever.

As I sit and look out my window, it looks so cold, wet, and miserable outside. I can hardly imagine how running in this weather could ever be enjoyable. However, the truth is, that running the rain is only wet and cold for a little bit.

Portland, Oregon in the rain

Once you warm up and get used to the new environment outside, it really is not that bad. There’s actually something amazing about the water on your face, and you really feel alive.¬†This is when running in the rain becomes beautiful.

The myth, that the difficulty will persist, is a challenge that we have to overcome in many areas of our lives. The initial challenges of starting a business do not last forever, and the struggles of being a new life coach become easier. However, it is this initial challenge that gives you the motivation to move forward and be successful. With the right systems, and after a bit of warming up, everything can become something that you enjoy.

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