Let’s Change the World.

Turns out when someone listens to us with curiosity, we feel seen. We stumble upon ideas that make us more effective. We take actions that lead to more fulfillment.

Coach training helps people increase a skillset based on courageous curiosity and consistent action. Such a skillset is needed to heal humanity and lead to deeper understanding of one another.

I launched Coach Training EDU in 2010 to train individuals to be certified coaches and equipped to establish thriving coaching practices.

In 2017 Coach Training EDU trained 247 coaches in over 25 countries.

And Let’s Make Friends.

What surprised me most about coach training was the strength of the friendships formed.

When a group of people listen deeply to each other through the handful of months in a webinar style coach training course, life-long friendships are forged.

We’re all here to change the world. And to make friends.

Up to something? Let’s connect.

Passion Program and Project

The Academic Life Coaching Program for students, and the Academic Life Coach Training Program were the first programs I created. They are my passion project.

The programs are also my vehicles to redesign education to help students gain self-knowledge, make better decisions, and learn to tap into more effective kinds of motivation.

Academic Life Coaching is one of three programs offered through Coach Training EDU.

I view academic life coach training as the future of teacher training.