What do you use as your outlet for stress

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Today’s insight again comes from Robert M. Sapolsky’s book Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers.I want to talk more about stress outlets and why they are so important.

I have been working on corporate taxes all day today. It has been stressful to say the least. However, I also went mountain biking this morning, and that was fantastic. After that, I decided to try an experiment: Would the thought of my outlet break up the psychological stress that I was feeling?

As I was working on taxes today, I started thinking about my mountain biking trip throughout, and it helped!

I realized how important having an outlet for frustration and stress really are. This also made me think back on the three important aspects that an outlet should possess:
it should be something physica
it should be a treat or something that you really like
it should challenge you and allow for you to feel flow

Our bodies are designed to find these types of outlets, and having a predesigned outlet is essential. It helped me relax and move through my taxes today, and it can help you get through the stress and frustration in your life. So I want you to ask yourself:

What do you use as your outlet?

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