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Happy Friday everyone!

This week I was really focused on ways to get out of slumps throughout my day, and I realized that it is simply a recalibration. Getting through those rough patches is a recalibration of what you think is possible and how you view your own, and others’ successes.

Oftentimes, it feels almost painful to see other people’s success. It feels as though their success takes away from our own. This is something that we all battle, but it comes from having a fixed mindset. Even as an adult, I still battle this sometimes, but I do my best to maintain a growth mindset instead.growth mindset

With this view, I am genuinely happy for others when they succeed. When others are successful, my success is also more likely. As a fellow human being, if I put in the same work and effort, I will get the same results. This growth mindset is healing and leads to greater accomplishment.

If you put in the effort, you will get where you want to go. This is the basis for a growth mindset.

This realization has made me reevaluate my past, present, and future stories to take into account how I want to continue to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Recalibrating and focusing on how you view success is essential for moving out of those daily slumps.

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