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Today’s message is for those entrepreneurial souls out there who have a variable income and variable expenses. As an entrepreneur, you have stress on both sides of the coin because your expenses and income vary each month. While you have the opportunity to make more, you also run the risk of having higher expenses in any given month.

One rule of thumb that has helped me deal with this variance is the idea that what has happened in the past, will most likely happen in the future. This idea can be motivating: if you don’t like where you are right now, do something differently than you did in the past and make a change so you can see better results. This idea can also be comforting: if you do what you did before, you will get the same great results that you were happy with.

what went well

Instead of always thinking that you need to do things differently, try focusing on the things that have been going well or that worked in the past. Think about the things that you can reliably count on for things to continue to be good in the future, and then build off of them.

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