The Pain is Worth It

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Hi Everyone!

I went mountain biking today, and had a little bit of a spill. After I came home and got cleaned up, I had a great session with my life coach.

He asked me what I learned from my experience of falling off my bike, and it really had me thinking. I realized that the pain of the fall was totally worth it! The feeling of being totally alive and in the moment that I get from mountain biking is worth a few scrapes and bruises along the way.

As I was getting back on my bike after the fall, I was overcome the feeling that I did it. I overcame that small challenge, and I kept going. I was not going to let the fall define my mountain biking experience from that day. There were too many other great moment from that ride.

It is the things that knock us down and that we are able to move through that define our character. They help us have more appreciation for the present moment and give us a hyperawareness of the beauty that is around us.

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