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Here we come Spain! We leave tomorrow morning, and I am so exited!

With the trip just right around the corner, my thought for today is about MVP (not the most valuable player kind). These last couple of weeks have been filled with a lot of work on the websites for the Essential and Wellness Coach Training programs because we have been trying to get them done before the Spain trip. It has been a whirlwind of creating, editing, and polishing new and old pages.

MVP stands for minimum viable product.

I learned about this a couple years ago when I was working on putting together an app for ALC. As I was working with a number of different designers, one of them asked me what my MVP was. Of course, my initial thought was about the most valuable player on my team, and I had no idea. Then he explained to me that the MVP he was talking about was not a person, but the minimum product that you can put together that will still have value for someone else.

Learning about this concept was amazing, and I realized that I use it a lot in business, and so do many other people.


The process is simple; once you meet the MVP, where people will be satisfied and find your product valuable, it is useful to move on to the next task. Getting an initial draft done for multiple things, and then going back and revising that preliminary products, allows you to be more productive.
This technique is essential for making progress and being successful in business, and it is also very applicable to students and school. Students learn better when they go over something completely at first and then go back over it to add another layer. Starting with the minimum and going back to revise it later is a valuable learning tool for students. Education and business function in very similar ways. Value, whether it be in school or work, is created through the revising and polishing of things along the way.

So, what does this mean for your daily routine? When you are putting together your to-do list, think about whether you are putting together a minimum viable product or revision. It is helpful to have a balance between the two, and as you are working through your list, ask yourself if you should be putting more/less time into one or the other to maintain that balance.

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