When the tide flows against you, build your stamina

When problems arise, think of them as an opportunity to build your stamina.

Push Yourself to Your Physical Limit

Many adults have not physically pushed themselves in a long time. Pushing past fatigue improves physical wellness and keeps you young.

Celebrating Entrepreneurship

I am celebrating seven years of being a full-time entrepreneur. Here are a few things I have learned, and my hopes for the coming years.

Quick tips for students going back to school

Make this academic year your best yet. Here are two tips for having a great school year.

Practicing focus has never been so easy

Focus practice helps improve attention in your daily routine. Start with one minute of practice a day, and see the results.

Put some pressure on it…

When there is something that you really need to do, adding a little bit of pressure can help increase your motivation.

An Awe Experiment

Try out an awe experiment and see how your appreciation for the little things changes.

What character do you want to play?

Creating a character can help you overcome challenges throughout your day.

Names Have Power

Naming things allows you to have a reference point and revisit the concept again and again.

A few things for new coaches to remember

Starting life coaching business can be a challenge. Here are three things to remember throughout the process.

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