Running in the Rain is Beautiful

Challenges do not always persist. It is about overcoming the initial struggle and finding the joy.

Revise and Polish

Value comes from starting with the MVP and adding some revisions and polish.

Starting is the Hardest Part

The first five minutes can make or break our ability to follow through on tasks.

Let’s Set the Date

Setting a date gives you that little bit of extra motivation to get things done.

Effort Leads to Success

Knowing what motivates us increases the effort we put in and our chances for success.

Being ordinary is enough

Being ordinary is okay. When you work hard and put in the effort, great things will follow.

Celebrating Entrepreneurship

I am celebrating seven years of being a full-time entrepreneur. Here are a few things I have learned, and my hopes for the coming years.

Recalibrate Your Day

Having a growth mindset can help you recalibrate your work day and overcome slumps.