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My thought for today is: set a date.

When you are planning to get married there is all this excitement from the proposal and being engaged, and you set a date thinking that it is so far away. You think there is plenty of time to prepare and that getting everything done will be easy. Then, all of a sudden, it is two days before the wedding and you have to rush around to get everything done.

This same series of events happens whenever you set a date for something you want to do. When you set a date for something to get done, you will make it happen. It is just another added motivation factor that helps you get to where you want to be.

set a date

One thing I have been working on setting a date for is going to Spain. My wife and I have been wanting to move our family there and stay for a year, and we have finally set a date for it.

Since setting that date, we have planned a scouting trip for November, so that we can check out some schools and get a feel for what it will be like. And I am really excited for it! I will share more of what the experience is like throughout these blog posts, but for now I am just really excited.

So my advice to everyone out there is: if there is something that you want to do, set a date for it to happen.

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