A Guest Blogger Who Likes to Work Hard

Hard work is the most important skill we can teach young people.

Just Say “Thank You”

Criticism that comes from a good place can be invaluable.

A Five-Year-Old’s Take on Criticism

Sometimes, the best advice comes from those who are much younger than us.

Welcome to my Life

I love working from home and getting to spend silly, crazy days with my family.

A Day of Tears

It is the small, one-on-one interactions that keep me going as a coach. What drives you?

Explain the Problems you Solve

Stop trying to explain what life coaching is, and start explaining what types of problems you solve.

The Mindset for Success

I have learned a lot from sports psychology and watching sports over the years, but the most important thing is optimism.

Find your Inspiration

There are so many incredible things going on around the world. Find something that inspires you today!

Leverage your Time

In this digital age, it is important to leverage your time and share your work with as many people who benefit as possible.

Let’s Set the Date

Setting a date gives you that little bit of extra motivation to get things done.

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