When the tide flows against you, build your stamina

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Happy Monday everybody!

Some of the best insights in my life coach training sessions last week focused on how we use problems to increase our experience of Flow.

It seems fitting that as soon as I posted a blog about how to use problems to your benefit on the Academic Life Coaching website, I would come across a bunch of problems in my own day. Last week, my team and I were dealing with all kinds of technical problems. It was frustrating and definitely a challenge to work through.

However, instead of thinking that it was a lost cause, we began to shift our focus to building stamina. It was clear that we could not control the problems that were happening, but we could control our ability to stick with it. Out of the five technical problems that were going on, I think we solved one. But that’s okay.

We may not be able to control the outcome

Part of me is still nervous about the other four problems that are going on, but I know that is just the nature of it. As long as I am putting my best effort forward, trying to solve the problems, I am proud of the work that is getting done. Even if everything is not solved by the end of the day, I know that I have increased my stamina to be able to handle these problems in the future.

This shift in thinking has been difficult to maintain, and I am still not always good at it. However, looking at the things I can control, as opposed to the things I cannot, is the best tool I have for overcoming daily problems.

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