Working through a tough Tuesday

Having structures to overcome stress and ruts in your day is essential. What's your structure?

When the tide flows against you, build your stamina

When problems arise, think of them as an opportunity to build your stamina.

Put some pressure on it…

When there is something that you really need to do, adding a little bit of pressure can help increase your motivation.

Focus on what is going Well

Focusing on things that are going well for you gives you foundation to build off of for the future.

Why is control so important?

The more we feel in control, the more we can manage our stress.

How can you make your life more predictable?

Predictability helps reduce everyday stress.

Relationships are important for managing stress

Social support is crucial for dealing with stress in your life.

What do you use as your outlet for stress

We all need an outlet for our stress. What's yours?

4 Top Clinically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress

Top 4 ways to deal with stress, as proven in a stress lab. (And what Zebras have mastered.)