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Today, I want to talk about exercising. The importance of exercise is well known, but part of the benefit comes from the act of pushing past our limits. 

I asked every person in my Academic Life Coaching Sport class to exercise, or push themselves to a physical limit, at least twice this week. In the past, I have often been disconnected to the feeling of pushing myself physically. Luckily, I have two daughters who love to play tag and mountain biking trips twice a week. These things allow me to have a connection to that feeling of pushing past fatigue.

What I have learned from many adults in the life coach training programs that I lead is that many adults have not pushed themselves to a physical fatigue limit in a very long time. When is the last time you ran 100 meters at a sprint? What about 10 meters? When was the last time you pushed yourself to a fatigue point with the sole purpose of overcoming it?

These are things that kids do naturally, and I believe that adults can build attributes in order to do them as well. Pushing past fatigue is not only good for you physically, but it will keep you young. Push your physical limits, and see the effects of overcoming something you never thought you could. 

Push your limits



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