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Today was a great day! I just finished the Academic Life Coaching Sport Student Workbook, and I am so excited about it. This project has been going on for the last three months, and I just finished the first working draft.

It feels amazing to be done with that initial draft, and I realized that the pressure to get the workbook done is what was really driving me. I was motivated by the fact that I needed to get it done for the sake of other people.

We are three weeks into the ALC Sport Pilot Program, and the pressure that the launch of this program created made it easier for me to motivate myself and complete the student workbook. About a week ago, I was really feeling the stress. Now that the workbook is done, I feel great!

healthy pressure creates motivation

The saying, “put some pressure on it” works for more than a scraped knee or cut finger. My experience with getting the ALC Sport Program off the ground has made me realize that sometimes we need to put pressure on ourselves in order to accomplish the things that really need to get done. The pressure acts as a motivator, and we become more inclined to take the necessary steps to relieve the stress we are feeling.

Try it out yourself! If there is something you need to get done in your life, find a way to put some healthy pressure on yourself and gain the motivation to accomplish it.

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