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I am so excited about the launch of Academic Life Coaching Sport next Wednesday, August 5th! The idea of this program is to take life coaching concepts and apply them to high school and college students, specifically student athletes.

In order to get ready for this new course, I have been brushing up on some concepts and looking back through Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book Flow. This week, I have been focused on the idea of work and how flow is such an important part of it.

Normally, I do work as actions in order to accomplish an end goal. This is fine, but does it really put out the best results? With Mihaly’s ideas in mind, this week I am trying to stay in flow while I work, rather than just get to my end goal.

Flow diagram

In order to do this, my challenge has to increase. Mihaly describes how flow is the balance of our skill and the challenge. If you become better at something, the challenge has to increase in order for you to stay in flow. So this week I am going to try to find that balance and stay in flow during my work.

I challenge you to try it also, and experience the influence of flow.

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