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Today’s insight goes out to all those new life coaches out there who are trying to make it in the life coaching world.

I was a middle school and high school Latin teacher when I found life coaching back in 2005. I began working with students outside of my teaching in Southern Oregon, and started building my client base to around 15 students. After 4 years of this, in the fall of 2008, my wife and I moved to Portland, Oregon. It was tough to start over from scratch, and the next two years were difficult while I tried to build my client base back up again. By 2010, I had a client load of up to 40 clients.

Throughout this whole process, I learned a few important things:

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself
The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is building your business from the ground up. Finding your first clients can be a challenge, but once you do find them, they become your sales force. They will spread the word about you, and as long as you are doing your part as a great coach, you will get referrals. While you wait for those referrals, be patient and kind to yourself, and know that the pieces will fall into place.


Create a visionCreate a vision
Use the tools of life coaching in order to create a vision of where you want to go, and tap into that vision as much as you can. The mental, emotional work of starting a business is half of the work it takes to build a business. As you become more established and successful, the mental strain lessens because you do not have to worry about the risk as much. That means that the mental energy you used on mental, emotional things in the beginning stages, can be used elsewhere.


Stick it outStick it out
There is something magical that happens 3 or 4 years after starting your life coaching business. These years go by quickly. Before you know it, the scales will tip, and you will find it is much easier to get clients because you already have that client base. You must get through the tough, beginning phase, before the magic can really happen. But it will happen, and it will be worth it.


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