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Around the mid seventies, a cultural phenomenon took place: parents began telling their children that they were special. Even more than that, parents told their children that because they were special, they could do anything they wanted to do.

As young person during this time, I believed it! I went through my teenage and college years believing that I was exceptional and has some special gift. Like every other young person, I graduated, and the real world told me that none of this was true. It told me that I was ordinary and just like everyone else, and in order to achieve something, you have to work hard.

This is tough transition to navigate, and as people move through it, they think that it is terrible. We go from being entitled and seen as something great, to being just another ordinary person in the working world.

I have coached a lot of students through this, and I have seen how difficult it can be to get through this change in perspective. In my twenties, I tried to hold on to the idea that I was someone special and that I deserved amazing things simply because of who I was. As I have grown older, I have shed this idea and begun to accept being ordinary.

embrace being ordinary


I am ordinary, and I love it.

You are ordinary, and that is okay.

Being ordinary is enough, and that does not change your ability to do great things. Accomplishing something requires hard work, and the more effort you put in, the more talent you develop. So if you want to create something, do the work. It does not take someone special to make great things happen. 

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