Effort Leads to Success

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Today, I want to talk a little bit more about the idea of being successful from Wednesday. The basic idea is this:

If you put in the hours of hard work, success will follow.

Anyone who puts in the hours can find success. This is at the root of the message that all of us heard as children. We were told that we could do anything and be anyone, but there was a missing ingredient, hard work.

The message that seems to be sent out now is that you can be anything you want, provided that you work hard and put in the effort. However, this still does not emphasize the need to work hard as much as maybe it should. What if we flip it?

Instead of highlighting that people can be anything they want first, what if we emphasize that hard work is the basis of it all?

effort leads to success

The question people need to ask themselves is not necessarily what they want to do, but how they will get there. We need to focus on the motivations that will help people get to where they want to go and build those so they can overcome challenges that get in the way. Knowing what will motivate you when things get tough is the key to being successful.

Understanding this about yourself will help you continue to move forward when you are facing challenges or feel like quitting. If you find the motivation and stamina to continue forward, you will be successful.

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