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I am so excited about Academic Life Coaching Sport! I have spent weeks looking through notes and doing research in order to finish the student workbook for this program, and I am so happy that it is finally finished.

One of the tools I have been using to help me is focus practice.

Focus practice is similar to awe practice, but it is simpler and less dramatic. I have been setting my timer for a minute, and focusing on a particular part of an object during that time. Staying focused on the present moment and the object is a challenge, but it has lead to something amazing.

During those beautiful 60 seconds, I have noticed that even though I become tuned in to the sounds around me or the ideas in my head, I am still able to stay focused. After the one-minute mark, my attention begins to wander off a bit. Knowing this, I am able to bring myself back and refocus on the object again.


While doing this practice, I have began to see changes in my focus throughout my day. My level of attention in my daily life seems to be increasing.

This is so exciting, especially because I know that when I am working on something or writing, it takes me a while before I get into a state of flow. This focus practice has helped me to be able to write for longer periods of time without being distracted.

You can try it too, and it only takes a minute out of your day! My goal is to be able to stay focused for up to five minutes by the end of the next two months, what is yours?

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