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I am always so fired up and excited after my training calls, and today is no exception.

In my training calls, I emphasize that coaches should ask questions about 3 things; learning, being and doing. You may remember from yesterday’s post that the ideal amount of time spent on each of these three is 50% learning, 30% being, and 20% doing.

The doing questions are easy. These come most naturally and are what people are most used to. We often think in terms of action, so asking questions about what your client can do to accomplish something is usually fairly straight forward.

Learning questions can be difficult at first, but they are actually simple. What is your client learning about her/him self?

Being questions are the tricky ones, and understanding how to ask being questions can be a challenge as a coach. However, asking powerful questions about a client’s being is one of the most valuable and effective tools you can have as a coach.

Ultimately, you want to ask your client questions so she/he can understand which version of her/him self is most effective.

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Questions to consider include: What version of yourself do you want to be? When you are at your best, what energy do you have/create? What characteristics do you have when you are operating at your peak performance?

You can also flip these questions, and ask your client about situations where they are not operating their best. Once you do that, you can delve into the difference between the two. You can also ask your client what they need to let go of or embrace in order to get to their optimal state of being. Or have them consider what they let go of when they slip out of their optimal state.

All of these types of questions will help your client think a little deeper and really consider who they are and who they want to be as person.

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