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Today, I want to talk about how to get through slumps in your daily work.

The last two weeks have been amazing. I have been focusing on staying present in the moment and maintaining flow, and it has been helping so much.

However, there were a couple tasks that I just did not feel like doing in these last couple of weeks. I started thinking about what to do when the present moment isn’t all that great, and it made me realize that looking forward during these times may actually work better.

In order to get motivated again, I started thinking 30 minutes into the future. I focused on what it would be like in 30 minutes, once I finished writing the email I didn’t want to send. This got me started again, and as I was writing the email and seeing it get closer to being done, something magical happened. There was a new sense of joy in writing the email because I knew that the future moment was closer.

Being present to the future moment can be a jumpstart to get things done that we don’t necessarily want to do. Then, we can let the present moment back in, and find flow again. I have been playing with this new technique, and I invite you to do the same.

Get past those slumps in your work and the tasks you don’t want to do with a little jumpstart.

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