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Today I want to talk about two different levels of motivation; motivation for the sake of yourself and motivation for the sake of others.

Level one is motivation for the sake of yourself. This is first-person motivation, and it involves I, my, and we.

Level two is motivation for the sake of others. This involves being motivated for other people, and it includes words like you or other.

Who benefits from your actions

When I become aware of the differences between these two levels of motivation, I notice a shift in my excitement or anxiety about something. Doing something with other people in mind makes a big difference.

I have talked about the distinction between these levels of motivation on all of my training calls, and the thing I want to highlight today is the importance of being specific. When I envision a specific student or coach benefiting from the thing that I need to get done, my motivation is heightened. The blog post I need to finish becomes more important, the email I need to write becomes valuable, and the fact that someone is going to directly benefit from the tasks I accomplish, becomes the greatest motivation of all.

If you can add a clear image of someone who will benefit from your actions each day, you will find that you have more motivation to get things done. Working this idea into your morning routine is a great way to start your day out fresh and ready to accomplish things on your to-do list. That is where the magic happens!

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