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I love applying life coaching concepts to my own life, the lives of my clients, and the lives of the life coaches that I train. Here’s one of the techniques I have been trying out in last couple of weeks.

The technique that I have been trying out recently involves timing how long it takes for me to really get involved in an activity or task. On average, I have found that it takes me a little under seven minutes to get really into something like writing a chapter for a book or revising a webpage.

After realizing this, I came up with a new rule for myself: the seven minute timer. Before I start something that I really don’t feel like doing, the only goal I set for myself is to keep moving forward within that seven minutes. I set my timer for seven minutes and try my best to make progress on that task. If I am still not engaged and involved in the task after the time is over, I allow myself to stop.

I invite you to find your own time and set up a rule that works for you. Practice the timer method and see how it affects your daily work flow.

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