How do we experience flow in our daily lives?

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Today’s insight has to do with how we get into flow in our daily lives.

There are so many different processes that lead to flow, but they all require the same type of muscle. This muscle is the ability to bring yourself back and pay attention to the present moment.

It reminds me of the levels of listening from coaching. Level one listening focuses on the self and you ask yourself how does this apply to me? In comparison, level two listening is focused on the person who is speaking. During level two listening, you ask yourself, how does this apply to the other person? This requires you to bring yourself back to the present moment, and really focus on what is being said right then and there.

Flow feels a lot like level two listening. It requires coming back to the present moment and experiencing things the way they are right now. This muscle, plus concentration, is the key to experiencing flow.

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