How does stamina influence flow?

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Happy Monday and Happy August!

Last week, we looked at flow and how staying in flow positively influences our performance and ability to get things done. My goal was to put aside my future plans and business goals, and focus on staying in flow during my work.

Finding the right balance was hard, but I found that my to-do list was the best thing to help me maintain flow throughout the day. I could see the things that I needed to do, and I didn’t have to think about or decide what was going to come next.

During this experience, I noticed that stamina played a huge role. I was tired at the end of each day because I had been so focused. I had accomplished so much more while I was in flow, and I hadn’t even noticed how hard my brain was actually working.

I want to look at the role stamina plays in our ability to maintain flow for a long period of time, and well as how being in flow builds our stamina. How does stamina affect flow, and how does flow affect stamina?

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