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Today was just one of those days filled with tears. So many people, including myself, had tears in their eyes throughout the day today.

I was on the phone with a mom who is thinking about having her son work with a coach, and she began crying. It was amazing to feel the love that she had for her son, and it made me feel so appreciative for being able to do the work that I do.

tears are words the heart can't say

Being a life coach is incredible, and the work that we get to do is so important. We get to work with people on such a deep level and help them tap into who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

Growing up, I never thought that I would be a life coach. Even now, sometimes I need to remember that this is really my job.

I really see myself, and other Academic Life Coaches, as agents of change in the field of education. We have the opportunity to change the way that young people are educated and provide them with an important skill set for them to be successful.

I have this larger vision of what I a want to create in the field of education and coaching, but I am fueled by the one-on-one interactions that I have with people. It is the tears that come up in coaching or training sessions that really drive my love for the work that I do. These tears show that people are realizing what is important to them, and watching that happen is what makes my job so fulfilling. Those one-on-one interactions are what make up my larger vision, and as a life coach, this is what keeps me going.

What gives you the drive to keep going? Finding those little pieces that add up to the larger vision will help keep you motivated and loving what you are doing.

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