A Five-Year-Old’s Take on Criticism

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Today I want to talk about criticism.

I recently received some unwarranted criticism in the form of a rude comment on social media. It was due to an email mix-up, and it has since been resolved.

However, while this was going on, I asked my five-year-old daughter what she would do. She said that she would tell this person that it is not nice to be mean and that she would try to call them. I do not have a phone number for this person, so I decided to simply ignore it.

not nice to be mean

From my experiences and the help of my daughter, I have found that when we get negative criticism, that is not designed to help us, there are two ways of handling it. 1) You can address it head on and confront the person about the criticism they are giving you. 2) You can choose to simply ignore it and move on.

The wisdom of a five-year-old is priceless! I am taking the advice from my daughter, and going to continue to use it in the future when situations like this arise again.

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