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Happy inspiration Monday!

I just ran across an inspiring NPR story about Zoe Kabuye, a 14-year-old “rap-orter” on a rapping show in Uganda. Check out the full article about her rapping the news on a show called NewzBeat, a news reporting show where everything is discussed through rapping.

The thing that struck me about this story was that it is a great example of co creative education. Zoe is a young person who is being creative and adding value to society right now. Opportunities like this are extremely valuable to young people because they allow students to learn about themselves, express themselves, and gain confidence.

Zoe’s presence is so powerful, and she has the amazing opportunity to bring her ideas and creativity to something meaningful. At the same time, she is learning about current events and things that are going on around her. It really is incredible how many skills it takes to be successful at something like this. I am in awe. And I am inspired.

Find your inspiration

This story gives me hope for the world and the future of education. There are so many people out there who are doing amazing, creative work, who care, and who are expressing themselves in new, exciting ways. This is my inspiration this week, and it is what will keep me going.

My only message to you is: find your inspiration.

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