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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have been getting a lot of great insights and ideas from Marshall Goldsmith and his book Triggers recently. During my talk with Marshall last week, we started discussing the structure for daily questions that is in his book.

We discussed my own use of daily questions, and he asked me how long I had kept my questions going. I admitted that I only maintained my questions for two months. I followed up my confession with excuses about how life was just too busy and work obligations had taken over.

However, it became clear that the real reason I stopped doing my daily questions was because I was disappointed that I could not keep up with them. I realized that I needed to follow through.

So I am making my daily questions public, and making it a point to follow through on them. You can see my chart below, with all of my questions and daily running totals.

I would love to see your’s too! When people do these types of things together and as a group, they are more successful. Share your questions, and start the daily questions project along with me!

Daily Questions

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  • Stephanie

    Dear John

    I will try to follow your tool and become my habbit. I have my daily plan and is not able to follow through all the times.


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