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The impact that our thoughts and emotions have on us is vast.

I have become really interested in biofeedback and the insights we can get from it. Heartmath uses technology to assess how happy your heart is based on thoughts and emotions. It is amazing to see what happens when you measure the resonance of your heart during positive mindsets and negative mindsets.

I hooked my daughter up to heartmath the other day and asked her to think of something that made her feel really happy. She thought of ice cream, and instantly her heart spiked up and the rating turned green. Then, I told her to think about something sad. When she started thinking about a dog eating her ice cream, her heart went back down and her rating turned red. When she thought about the ice cream alone again, the rating went back to green.

The heartmath technology and other research on biofeedback has made me realize how our entire system responds to every thought we have. Positive emotions create positive reactions throughout our bodies. It can be difficult to stay in those positive thoughts, but it is worth the work.

This also makes me think about meditation and the whole-body benefits it has. What are you thoughts on biofeedback, meditation, and the affects our thoughts have on us?

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