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I can’t believe it, but in less than a week my family and I are going to Spain! We are headed there to scout it out for our move there in the Summer of 2016.

The preparations for this trip have been crazy, and whenever things like a big trip come around, or really any time there are things that need to be done, I always go back to a very important piece of advice:

Set a date!


If there is something that you really want to accomplish, set the date, and get it done. I don’t think I have ever been as productive as I have in the past week. My team and I have been working on the new Essential and Wellness websites, as well as polishing up the Academic website, and we are in full hustle mode to try to get these things done before the trip to Spain.

Knowing that there is an end date and a point where we need to be done has helped so much. Thinking about next week, and knowing that I am going to be leaving my computer behind, is a great feeling. We are ready!

I am going to be live blogging from Spain next week, and posting all kinds of things on social media. That is the fun stuff, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you all!

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