How to deal with negative ideas

This little elf helped me remember the best way to deal with negative ideas.

Hi from Cordoba, Spain

Our trip to Spain has been amazing so far.

Spain is right around the corner

Setting a date has helped my family and ALC team prepare for our trip to Spain.

Wellness Coach Training has launched!

I am so proud of my wife, Amois, and the launch of her new website and coach training program!

A Month of Gratitude

When someone broke into our garage at 4am, my first thought was how grateful I was that they didn't come into the house.

The World is Becoming More Mobile

The increase in technology has allowed us to become more mobile and interact with cultures all over the world.

Create a Middle Vision

Focusing on the smaller steps along a bigger path is essential for getting where you want to be.

A Five-Year-Old’s Take on Criticism

Sometimes, the best advice comes from those who are much younger than us.

Welcome to my Life

I love working from home and getting to spend silly, crazy days with my family.

So We Chatted

"Dad, can I have a chat?"

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