The After-Coaching Glow

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Today, I want to talk about the after-coaching glow.

I think that this phenomenon is partly responsible for why I am still in business as a life coach for young people and as a trainer. There is some physical-emotional link after a coaching session that causes clients and coaches to literally glow.

I see this all the time in myself, my clients, and with the coaches who I train. When clients finish a coaching session, their emotions are heightened by the clearer vision they have of themselves and their futures.

As a coach for teenagers, it is sometimes very challenging to express the value that really comes from a successful coaching session to parents who have never experienced it before. However, I have found that when parents pick their children up from a coaching session, they instantly notice a liveliness to their child. This is what coaching is all about!

I look forward to learning more about how our physiology is affected by our emotions in the future and seeing how this connectivity can be used in coaching.

May you glow with happiness

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