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Happy back-to-school week! For many of you, this week was the start of another school year, filled with bells ringing and anxiety building for next summer. Others will be experiencing this in the next couple of weeks. With all the craziness of getting back to school, I have been trying to think of a message for students during this time of year.

Back to school tips


Don’t take school too seriously
When I was in school I took it so seriously, and was stressed about classes all the time. I got good grades, and that was great, but looking back, I wish I would have had more fun with it. Part of me wishes I had tried to learn more things that put me out of my comfort zone and used the feedback from my teachers to get better overall, not just to get better grades.

It is important to take school seriously, but not too seriously that you focus only on getting good grades. Students, don’t miss out on developing the skills that you want to develop.

Use your planner
From my experience working with students, planners make a huge difference. Those students who use their planner and stick to it, tend to be more successful at accomplishing the things they want to. In my own life, I know that the periods when I am sticking to my planner are always more productive, and I find myself being more successful.

There are countless excuses that people come up with for not using their planner, but the bottom line is; planners work. So students, use your planner every day, for every class, and you will have a magnificent academic year.

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