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I had a great ride earlier this week.

I felt fast, strong, and safe.

One of my riding buddies noticed that I was riding fast, way faster than usual. He asked me what was going on in my head while I was riding.

The question was a gift. It was an invitation to reflect on what I was thinking and feeling while riding.

My answer may have sounded a little silly, but I didn’t know of any other way to explain it.

I was riding lovingly. I was taking the turns with gentle care. I was loving the trail. I was loving the jumps.

I felt like I was It’s similar to what the Dali Lama is pointing to about¬†about taking action with loving kindness.

When I got back into the office mid-morning to settle down for the workday, I found myself looking around the room. Not wishing to change anything, or judging myself harshly for not getting enough done or having my office be a little messy.

Loving kindness allowed me to just appreciating everything right where it is, as it is.

And the day was tremendously productive.

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