An ALC Reunion in the Making

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Today I want to talk about the importance of community.

When I first started Academic Life Coaching, ten years ago, I had no idea the kind of community that would be built around it. The relationships that were built throughout the ALC training program were incredible.

Throughout the last few months, as the company has really begun to grow and we have had a number of different transitions, there has been so much positive support. Coaches who have gone through the ALC program have been reaching out and asking for more things to stay connected with the other coaches.


I am happy to announce that we will be having an ALC reunion/retreat/conference in June 2016, in Portland, Oregon, for all of the coaches who have gone through the ALC training programs. There will be more about this on the Academic Life Coaching blog in the future, but I am so excited about planning this event!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me, Academic Life Coaching, and the growth of this movement. Thank you to all of the coaches who have gone through the ALC training program and who are a part of the ALC community. You all are the reason that there has been so much growth over these last ten years!

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  • Lisa

    Cool! Two of the ALC coaches I trained with and myself formed an ALC Mastermind Group and we meet together once a month. It’s a big honor to call them my colleagues. We’re looking forward to the big meet-up in June.

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