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Happy Labor Day!

Today, I have been think about the nature of work and how it has changed so much. The nature of work used to be simply moving stuff. You used to come up with an idea and then try to move the pieces around, from point A to point B. Work was considered physical labor.

My ancestors, who were coach miners in Southwestern Pennsylvania, had tough work to do. When I first began working, I always questioned how me sitting at computer could be considered work or labor at all. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly what I was doing or the pieces that were being moved in order to do something specific.

I have come to realize that we, as life coaches, are doing is moving and shaping ideas in order to create emotion. This is something that everyone working in the new computer age is doing, and it is incredible to see. We are taking information, transforming ideas, and creating emotions; that is the name of the game today.

the future of education life in emotional intelligence

When I look at education, and think about how it needs to shift, it seems that we have the idea part covered. We simply need to focus on the emotion. This is the next phase in education. We need to teach people not only how to create and transform ideas, but how those relate to and affect emotions. Doing this will allow young people to see the higher potential in themselves.

This is the work we are doing as life coaches, and this is the work that really excites me. The future of education and work involves more emotional intelligence.

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