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It’s been four years since I decided to start writing my first book.

I had just read Rework by 37 signals. I got inspired. I got to thinking that maybe I could put together a book too.

I often get asked what it took to write a book. I have three answers, all surprises at the time.

Surprise #1: Voice-To-Speech is Essential

I wouldn’t have been able to write a book without voice-to-speech software. If you’re thinking about writing a book, at least try it out. It made the difference for me when I was in the grind of churning out a first draft.

Surprise #2: Expect Extreme Resistance

When I got closer to putting the whole book together, on the second and third drafts, I was surprised with the intensity of the resistance I felt. (A great book I recommend is Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.)

Was it going to be good enough? Were people going to like it? Was it worth it? Should I just stop?

Surprise #3: A Real Deadline Helps

My second daughter was born January 2010.

Guess what year and month I finished the book?

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