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I know that I am a life coach, and I know there could be a possible conflict of interest for my thought for today, but I think it is a good one.

My thought for today is, get a life coach!

I only work with high school and college students, so maybe there really isn’t any conflict of interest here. However, if you need a recommendation for a coach, I am more than happy to give you one.

I am currently working with a really great coach, and I was thinking back on our session from this last week and realizing how much value comes from our 30 minutes of talking. The insights that I get are priceless. The progress I am making is due to the coach I am working with, and his amazing coaching skills.

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If you do not have a life coach, get one!

I really believe it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You will gain so much, and you will find ways to live an even more amazing life than you already are.

I know this is a bold thing to say and piece of advice to give, but I also know that my life is better when I am working with a coach. So I want to pass this on, and hopefully you all will experience the same benefits that I do.

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