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I could feel pretty raw about the situation, get worked up, and be pissed off. There’s been some junk laid down lately. Juicy, fresh, mean behavior that’s just begging to be talked about. Gossip is tempting us to waste away a few hours in rapt attention and ‘nu-uh I can’t believe he just wrote that…”

Thankfully – and it was so effective I want to share it with you – I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned that when she goes into a corporate environment as a coach trainer one of the first things she does is identify hopes, fears, and expectations.

Boom. Salvation. It was like a lifesaver thrown from a boat, getting me out of the gossip current. What if I applied the same structure to the gossip?

So my wife and I tried it. It was beautiful. It felt like a complete circle that got at the root – our own hope and fears – with the escalating, frenetic, group-think that gossip normally breeds.

What are your hopes?



Here are my hopes.



Wow. That felt good.

Then let’s talk about something else. What if we applied the same structure to our life in general?

Wow. That felt even better.

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