My Coach Training Company.

I’m a Master Certified Coach, and I launched Coach Training EDU in 2010 to train individuals to be certified coaches and equipped to establish thriving coaching practices. Coach Training EDU trains about 250 coaches a year in over 25 countries.

If you are interested in learning how to become a trained coach or if you’re up to something similar and have an idea on how we could partner up, check out ctEDU’s website and let’s continue the conversation.

Passion Program and Project

The Academic Life Coaching Program for students, and the Academic Life Coach Training Program were the first programs I created. They are my passion project.

The programs are also my vehicles to redesign education to help students gain self-knowledge, make better decisions, and learn to tap into more effective kinds of motivation.

Academic Life Coaching is one of three programs offered through Coach Training EDU.

I view academic life coach training as the future of teacher training.