Speaking Topics

Enhancing Well-Being: How Life Coaching Provides a New Path for Education

What happens when you bring life coaching concepts to young people in high school and college? On a global scale, education systems have become increasingly focused on academic standards, and support for students’ personal development has gone to the wayside. This presentation will explore how life coaching methods can fill in the gaps in the education system by promoting the personal development of young people and enhancing their overall well-being.

5 Keys to Sustained Peak Performance and Flow

Ever elusive yet extremely effective, achieving peak performance and flow is the optimal experience. This presentation addresses the brain science behind habit change and creating routines that consistently generate states of flow.

Mastering Motivation: The Neurology of Motivation and Habits

How can life coaching influence stubborn habits and motivation levels? People are often stuck with habits they wish to change or a recurring desire to increase their motivation levels in various aspects of their lives. They attempt to make changes but often find themselves disappointed with their lack of progress. Understanding the neurology behind the predictable patterns of motivation and habit formation can allow you to provide better support to your clients and offer effective plans for improvement. This presentation delves into the brain science behind these important aspects of people’s lives and provide methods for creating powerful action plans for your clients.