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Hi Everyone!

I apologize for not blogging while I was in Spain. It was my one well-designed action for the trip, and I really thought that I would. But when we got to Spain, I just decided that I really did not want to do work. I have not had a break or a real vacation from work in a very long time, and it felt amazing.

Coming back to reality has also been good, and I feel like I can see everything with fresh eyes. I am feeling very hopeful and energetic about where things are at, and it has really made me realize the value of a true break. My time away has also made me excited about December and all the projects that my team and I have ahead of us. There are a few big projects headed our way, including some things with the ICF, the planning the ALC conference that will be in June, polishing websites, and a little more editing of our books.

For Academic Life Coaching, December really is the month of polishing. However, it really took my trip to Spain to help me come into this month of polishing with a clear head. It taught me that breaks are valuable and necessary, and not having one in a really long time has helped me realize how important they are. I am going into December feeling rejuvenated.

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