Tipping Points in a Life Coaching Career

Tipping Points in My Career

I attended a fundraiser for the non-profit Room to Read and it’s founder John Wood, and a few of us, hung out afterwards and shot the breeze. I was asking him about what it was like to be on Oprah, and he said something about how it was a tipping point for him and his organization, but it was only one tipping point among many. He said the growth of his organization was really like a series of waves, and the task for him was to ride each wave as long as he could then catch the next one.

I find his metaphor to be true in my own career, and I think it’d be useful to outline the best tipping points or waves in building my professional companies Academic Life Coaching and Essential Life Coaching.

#1: Finding Life Coaching in the first place.

This point I owe to my wife Amois. She’s the one who started me on the Life Coaching path, is a trained coach herself, and is generally awesome. With the two of us together at trained coaches, it was much easier to keep moving forward.

#2: First workshop (which lead to my first teenage client)

Winter 2005 I gave my first workshop at St. Mary’s school on Life Coaching. The workshop was a disaster, but the next day I got an email from a family interested in my working with their son as an Academic Life Coach. It was my first paying client.

#3: Speaking at Lakeridge High School in Portland, Oregon

April 2009 I had the chance to speak at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego. I spoke to 40 parents, and within six months my client base grew from 15 to 42. Parents started talking about what I did and how effective it was and pop, I was launched in Portland.

#4: Writing for Newsweek

Fall of 2009 I had the opportunity to write for Newsweek on a bi-weekly basis. I worked for them until they were bought by the Daily Beast, and poof, that wave crashed.

#5: Getting on the first page of Yahoo! and CNN Money for a day

Wow! Over 300 email messages in two days. It was August 2011, and it launched 3 full coach training sessions and prompted me to get my program certified by the International Coach Federation.

And the engine keeps churning. If I look back at the waves, it seems that I’m due for another big one soon. Academic Life Coaching is on track to launch a new training class every other month with the pace continuing. Not really a spike as much as it’s a steady upward line of growth.

My prediction: in winter 2013 there will be a big story in the media about the work that we’ve been doing, and then POP, another big wave.

We’ll see! So far it’s been an awesome ride.